AngularJS – CRUD Data Grid I

The goal of this post is to write a single page application (SPA) to display a list of items inside a grid. This grid shall not only display a list of items but also allows all the CRUD operations: Create a new item and Read, Update and Delete for the contained items.

Additional requirements:

  • Show a notification when a server request success or fail.
  • Editing an item: Start editing with a double click and commit the edition with “Enter”.
  • Everything shall be executed without refreshing the web page
  • The complete list of items should only be requested one when the page is loaded.



Code is available on github: Feel free to play with it, find errors and write improvements. You can see a live demo here: AngularJS CRUD Grid III demo.

This is a screenshot of the AngularJS Crud Grid that we are going to implement:

AngularJS Crud Grid


Let’s get our hands dirty, we will cover the following points:

  1. Domain: Entity Framework + Domain Services
  2. Server side: WebAPI + ViewModels
  3. Client side: AngularJS + Bootstrap + Toastr
  4. What’s next?

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