ASP MVC – Template Overview

When a new MVC Web Application is created in Visual Studio a lot of files are added to the solution. The goal of this post is to provide a small overview of all these files, this overview should make easier to understand the MVC solution structure.

The files described here are the files created by default when you add a web project using the MVC template.

Create a a Web project:

New Web Project

Use the MVC Template:

MVC Template

This is the generated project:

MVC Template Project

ASP MVC Template Overview

Let’s start enumerating some created folders:

  • Content: CSS files with view styles. (Bootstrap)
  • Fonts: Some fonts required by the CSS files.
  • Scripts: JavaScript files. (JQuery)
  • Controllers: C# files with the code that is going to be run at the server side.

Now the rest of files and folders with some more details:


This folder contains *.cshtml files. The Razor engine generates the views of our web application out of these files. Typically we will have a view or a group of views for each controller. This folder also contains a Web.config don’t confuse this one with the Web.config at the root of the solution. Razor engine is configured here.

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