Entity Framework – Local and Azure connection

In previous posts I used EF using the local database and using the Azure SQL Server. This is the configuration I use now to connect to my local database in Debug mode and to my Windows Azure database in Release Mode.


    <!--Azure MyFood database-->
        connectionString="Data Source=i608rt1tak.database.windows.net;Initial Catalog=MyFood;Integrated Security=False;User ID=ravened;Password=pass¿;Connect Timeout=60;Encrypt=False;TrustServerCertificate=False" />
    <!--Local MyFood database-->
        connectionString="Server=(localdb)\v11.0;Integrated Security=true;Database=MyFood;"/>


    public class FoodContext : DbContext
        // NOTE: Call base constructor to specify the connection string name
#if !DEBUG
        // In Release mode it will look for the Cloud connection string
        public FoodContext() : base("name=MyFoodAzure") { }
        // In Release mode it will look for the Cloud connection string
        public FoodContext() : base("name=MyFoodLocal") { }
        public DbSet<Food> Foods { getset; }
        public DbSet<Recipe> Recipes { getset; }
        public DbSet<FridgeEntry> Fridge { getset; }

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