My first Windows Store application!

My first application for Windows Store is already published! It is a very simple application but now I know the complete process to publish an application on Windows Store.

The application is localized, at the moment available in English and Spanish. More Localization details.


I have developed this application before for Windows Phone.  I used a Portable class library to implement the Business Logic of the application – Models and Common classes.  The Views and View Models are contained in different platform specific projects (Windows 8.1 + Windows Phone 8) . More details here.

These are a couple of screenshots of the Application:


It is optimized to run on PCs and Tablets with Windows 8.1. You can execute it in full screen or snapped mode. More details here.

Snapped mode


Tablet simulator


I will publish a small guide with the requirements to publish an application on Windows Store soon, the process is easy and very good explained, but there are some stuff to prepare: an email contact, privacy policy link, application screenshots, etc.!

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