Windows Phone 8 – MVVM

I wanted to implement a simple Windows Store application to see how the publishing process works and compare the implementation with the implementation of a Windows Phone or Desktop WPF application. To do this I thought it would be a good idea to take the sample application I implemented for Windows Phone two years ago and migrate it to a Windows Store application. The application is a simple Chess Clock.

App Windows Phone Store Link

The idea is to refactor the actual code and implement exactly the same application for Windows Store.

There are some points that I wanted to improve from my previous version:

  • Get rid of the notification property changed code and trigger it automatically, Fody is great for this.
  • Remove the OnNavigateTo and OnNavigateFrom from my pages code behind, move this code to the view models. I implemented a couple of base class for this.
  • Separate my Models in two class, one should contain only the logic and the other one the status.

So far this is the class diagrams of my Game Clock:



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